The Five Key Facets of High Performance Leadership

A high-performance leadership training program that gets results.

Workshop Description

In this high-performance leadership program, participants discover their true potential as leaders or aspiring leaders.


One day (introduction) and three-day (total immersion)

Workshop Objectives

Using the FACET Leadership Model™, participants work individually and in groups to discover their high-performance leadership potential, specifically…

  • FOCUS: Their leadership focus, across three different domains:
    • Daily Management
    • Crisis Management
    • Strategic Management
  • AUTHENTICITY: Their personal strengths and limitations,
  • COURAGE: Areas for change, both personal and organizational,
  • EMPATHY: The keys to influencing and engaging others effectively, and
  • TIMING: How to be decisive and take action in a timely manner

What they’re saying about FACET Leadership™:

“Brian Ward issues a challenge to readers who desire to be great leaders – honestly answer Brian’s five critical questions and you’ll learn a whole lot about yourself and your leadership focus”
Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE, Editor, Association Magazine

“What a refreshing new voice…! Many talk the concept of leading people, but few actually give the many different facets and their explanations of how to lead people.”
Danielle M. Wilson, Physician Center Manager, Newark, Ohio, USA

“When I learned to do these things effectively, things took a real turn for the better. My reputation in the field I work in got a major boost. I started developing programs for disadvantaged youth (currently up and working) and I started to get offers for promotions. I have to say that when I found The FACET Leadership Model I did not know where to turn. I was drifting and struggling to put pieces together. I am now very confident that I can accomplish about anything I undertake.

The big difference is that I now have a system to work. A system that works. I recommend this program to all. Get involved. You have nothing to lose but bad habits. What you have to gain is a proven system that works. Thanks and best wishes”
Roger W. Noe, State of Kentucky, Central Region Mental Health

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