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Health and Safety Training

Online Health and Safety training from The Safety Network, Canada’s largest network of health and safety training providers is available through us. From WHMIS to Transportation of Dangerous Goods to Electrical Safety and beyond, you can have all your H&S training needs fulfilled. And, you can also get a Learning Management System with all courses accessible through it, plus add your own courses!

Each course comes with a testing and grading component. This is a way to achieve Health and Safety compliance…and prove it too!

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The Work of Leaders

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile

The Work of Leaders self assessment provides insightful commentary and advice on how to be an authentic and visionary leader. Take the profile online and discover your strengths and challenges when…

  1. Developing a Shared Vison
  2. Creating Alignment around the Vision
  3. Executing the Vision

The self-assessment uses the latest version of the DiSC Model of Personality and is a result of over four years of research and testing. It takes only fifteen to twenty minutes to complete, and you receive a full report online. A sample report is available for download.

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Brian Ward

Brian is CEO of Affinity Consulting and Training (ACT). Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, ACT provides management consulting, facilitating and training to organizations of all sizes.