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You’re Not Broken…
Early in my career as a corporate trainer, I had a profound experience. On the morning of the first day[...]
You Can’t Lead by Using Big Data
It’s hardly a surprise for most managers that using data in problem solving and decision making is important. But one prominent advocate of using data, the late W. Edwards Deming, a statistician by profession, did not try to use data to make decisions. He used data as a starting point to develop what he termed “profound knowledge” that would reveal systemic causes of problems.
World’s Best Companies for Leadership Skill Development
Who are the world's best companies for leaders and leadership skill development? More importantly, what can you learn from them?[...]
Why Your Employees Won’t Support Change…and What You Can Do About It
You have a lofty vision that gets you out of bed each morning. You've announced it to the world. There[...]
Why It’s So Hard To Change
"People don't resist change so much as they resist BEING changed" - Unknown We're all creatures of habit. We become[...]
Where Are The Leaders?
Despite innumerable leadership theories, models and the training that goes with them, effective leaders are still in short supply. I[...]
What to STOP Doing to Become a Great Leader
So you want to be a great leader? As important as developing the attitudes, skills and knowledge of leadership are,[...]
What Motivates People? Seven Secrets to Motivating You and Your Team
What motivates people? This article reveals seven ways to motivate yourself and your team. Do you really understand what motivates[...]
Transformational Leadership
In this article the author describes the steps involved in demonstrating transformational leadership.
Top Five Reasons Strategic Plans Fail
Experts such as Kaplan and Norton tell us that up to 70% of strategic plans fail at execution. This startling[...]
To Become a Better Leader, Get Out of Your Box
Most organizations still exist inside the big box that is defined by their organization chart. And within that big box,[...]
To Become a Better Leader, Develop These Two Abilities
To become a better leader, follow this ten-year research study (Source: A Bias for Action by Bruch and Ghosal), which claims[...]
The Voice of the Customer Meets the Voice of the Expert
"It's not the consumer's job to know what they want" - Steve Jobs As a leader, you are challenged to[...]
The Voice of the Customer in Project Success
In Project Management methodologies, most projects follow established stages, such as Define > Plan > Deliver > Close. Capturing the[...]
The Three Secrets of Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement Do you know what causes employee engagement in your team? The type of engagement I am talking about is[...]
The Teamwork Trap
Teamwork advocates will tell us that working as a team is the solution to all of our performance challenges. I'm[...]
The Single Most Critical Leadership Skill You Need for the Future
In this series of short interviews, Harvard Business Review asks nine leadership experts what is the single most important leadership[...]
The New Accountability
This article discusses accountability in organizations and how managers can shed the command and control aspects of the old style[...]
The Five Key Facets of High Performance Leadership
What makes a good or even a great leader? Many people in leadership positions struggle with understanding what makes a[...]
The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is now available as a course offering.
The End of Strategic Planning, and What That Means for You
Strategic Planning never did fully get off the ground. Which is not surprising, since "strategy" and "planning" are oxymoronic. Let[...]
The Changing Role of Tomorrow’s Leaders
In this this series of short interviews, Harvard Business Review asks prominent leadership experts to describe the role of tomorrow's[...]
The Accidental Leader
Most successful leaders never set out to become a leader...they set out to make a difference. In doing so they find themselves[...]
The 5W1H of Collaboration: Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How
I get requests all the time from other consultants who want to "collaborate" with me. In many cases this request[...]
Ten Tips for Aligning Strategy and Tactics
Many managers are expected to translate their organization's Strategic Plan into a Tactical Plan, and then collaborate with other managers[...]
Strategy Development: Why Your Management Team’s Core Beliefs Matter
Strategy development processes emphasise vision, mission, values, strategic goals, key performance indicators and key initiatives. But one of the biggest[...]
Strategy Development: Seven Key Strategic Questions You Must Ask
Strategy development can be a messy affair.  In most scenarios, given the number of stakeholders involved in or affected by[...]
Strategy and Planning: Knowing the Difference Can Make the Difference
Strategy and Planning: What's the difference between strategy and planning? Knowing the answer to this can make all the difference[...]
Solutions for a Dysfunctional Team
If you are searching for solutions for a dysfunctional team, consider the following: Work teams are wonderful creations...when they work.[...]
Seven Tips to Help You Take Action on Feedback
The American Leadership Forum once asked some of the world's most prominent leadership experts if there was one thing that[...]
Seven Essential Leadership Skills
As a leader, one of your main challenges is to establish an organizational climate that sparks and sustains higher levels of[...]
Reinventing Management
The world has changed a lot since the dawn of the industrial age. Yet our approach to managing organizations has fundamentally[...]
Prepare for the future by training staff now
The Canada-Alberta Job Grant will provide up to $10,000 per trainee! Alberta employers are already taking advantage of the Canada-Alberta[...]
Planning Made Simple
Business planning has come of age. When Henry Mintzberg announced the death of strategic planning, corporate executives breathed a collective[...]
Plan ‘B’ Better Be Good!
Are you caught in the trap of developing a strategic plan and then becoming too attached to it? If so,[...]
Open Space as an Effective Meeting Process
Talk to most people and they would agree with you that more time is lost annually in poorly run meetings[...]
Marcus Buckingham on Leadership 360
Marcus Buckingham is of the opinion that respondents to 360 degree feedback surveys are not in a position to rate their[...]
Management Teambuilding: Getting Your Management Team Unstuck
Management Teambuilding At some point in time, most management teams find themselves stuck. By stuck I mean they are finding[...]
Leading Change using a Learning & Growth Strategy
Most leaders struggle at some point in leading change. One of the major reasons for this is that at the heart[...]
Leadership’s Most Vital T-A-S-K
Organizational dynamics today are bordering on the chaotic. Some would say that they are already out of control and cannot[...]
Leadership’s First Priority: Provide FOCUS
Focused leadership always wins out over scattered leadership. But many leaders find themselves unfocused, chasing too many priorities...
Leadership versus Management
Leadership versus Management - they both have many facets, but the ones that distinguish leadership from management are clear:
Leadership Styles: Sir Richard Branson
Arguably the world's most successful (and colorful) entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson's leadership style is a key driver of his brand, which is[...]
Leadership Styles: Research in Motion (RIM)
Dateline: Jan 23, 2012. This morning we woke to the news that RIM is in crisis mode. In 2008, it[...]
Leadership Styles: Bill Gates’ Big Idea
One of the Five Key Facets of High Performance Leadership is FOCUS. When I discuss this, I describe a leader's FOCUS[...]
Leadership Skills: You Can’t Become a Leader by Attending Courses on Leadership
“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle, The[...]
Leadership Skills – Contradictory Leadership Behaviors You Must Master
Leadership skills involve a range of critical behaviors that you must master to be successful.
Leadership and The Five Whys
Leaders have a lot of explaining to do. And sometimes, amidst all the hurly burly of everyday leadership life, they miss some key questions that their followers have uppermost on their minds. Here are five of my favorites:
Jeffrey Immelt on Leadership
Jeffrey Immelt took over at the helm of GE, stepping into Jack Welch's shoes in 2001. In this address to[...]
How To Resolve Conflicts on a Management Team
If you are looking for how to resolve conflicts on a management team, then this advice may save you a[...]
How To Motivate People – The Latest Research
Motivational Psychologists Finally Agree on How to Motivate People When it comes to understanding how to motivate people, psychologists have[...]
How to Manage Your Time…or Can You?
Some time management experts tell us that we have to get control of our inbox or in-tray if we are[...]
How to Manage Conflict
In order to manage any problem, you must first understand the causes, as working on the symptoms will only provide[...]
How to Keep Your Momentum Flowing
Maintaining momentum towards one's goals is not easy. There are so many things that can distract us. Here are five tips on how you can overcome those distractions...
How to Increase Employee Engagement
We had some friends over recently for dinner. It was a wonderfully sunny, warm day, and the conversation got going[...]
How to Give Constructive Feedback
When you observe an employee engaging in a behaviour that you recognize as undesirable or in contravention of established team values, then you need to take action. Here are some tips on how to give constructive feedback in the workplace:
How to De-Stress Your Management Team
Tension and stress are essential parts of living and working. Without them, we would in many cases fail to become[...]
How to Create a Staff Development Plan
You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company with a big training budget to have a vibrant, energizing staff[...]
How to Communicate Your Strategy
How can you successfully communicate your strategy? Video, text, images, in-person presentations…the appeal of these formats depends to a great[...]
How To Be An Engaging Leader
While the search for the 'secrets' to effective leadership has been going on for decades, accomplished leaders will tell you[...]
How To Be a Truly Empathic Leader
How to be a truly empathic leader tells the story of a leader who lacked empathy and managed to overcome it.
How to Be a Truly Courageous Leader
You've established your vision, communicated it well, and people are obviously enthused about your direction and trust you to follow through on it. And while you are working on becoming more and more authentic and vulnerable, balancing being strong with being humble, your real test has yet to come.
How to Be a Truly Authentic Leader
You've spent a good deal of time and energy working with your team to craft a vision and set of supporting values and long range strategic goals. Now comes the time to release your creation to the world.
How to Be a GREAT Leader
Leaders come in all forms. But GREAT leaders, those who are recognised for being so, share a few things in common. Here are seven factors that I have discovered in working with great leaders:
How to Achieve Your Goals
How to achieve your goals: Achieve your goals by focusing on the positive, while overcoming the negative. Our world is[...]
How Do You Create an Inspiring or Compelling Vision?
As a leader, you have a responsibility to provide direction, to "point the way". You do this through creating a shared vision of the future. You can't delegate this task. While you can, and must, collaborate with others in building a shared vision, you can't walk away from your primary responsibility to create that vision. You have to own it.
High Performing Teams: Is There Enough “GRRRRRR!” in Your Team?
Most descriptions of High Performing Teams focus on the ideal - where everyone gets along with and supports each other,[...]
Health and Safety Training and Testing Online
Online Health and Safety training from The Safety Network, Canada's largest network of health and safety training providers is available through us.
Four Keys to Effective Communications for Leaders
Are people listening to your leadership message? If not, try looking at your communications again. Whether you are trying to[...]
Focus and Simplicity in Strategic Planning
"That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work[...]
Five and a Half Reasons Leaders Fail
Why do some leaders succeed on a grand scale while others struggle and even fail? In my work and informal research on this, I have discovered many distinctions between successful and not so successful leaders. Here are my five and one half reasons leaders fail:
Engagement is Free
Are you struggling with employee engagement? Most employees want to be fully engaged in their work. In that respect, they[...]
Effective Coaching using the 4M Model™
As a manager, you need to be able to master the art and practice of coaching. Fortunately, you don't have[...]
Do Your Leaders Have GRIT?
If your leadership team is fixated on short term results, then they probably need more "Grit". While you may look[...]
Do You Have These Five Leadership Skills?
Leadership Skills you MUST master... Mastering certain leadership skills is vital to your success as a leader. While leadership traits[...]
Dare To Make a Difference
"He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch" - French-Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard.[...]
Customer Loyalty: Why Your Customers Are Not Loyal
Customer loyalty, and more specifically the role of leadership in creating such loyalty, is of paramount importance to your organization. How then do you, as a leader, create it?
Creating a Learning Organization
If your team is not learning, they're not growing...and as a consequence, your organization won't grow. Sounds pretty simple and[...]
Core Competencies of Management and Leadership
Core competencies to help you become a better manager and leader and boost your career...
Consulting and Training Catalog
We just published our latest Consulting and Training Catalog! It contains information on all our consulting, facilitating, and training services. A[...]
Coach, Mentor or Sponsor?
As an executive leadership coach, I come across clients and coaches alike who have difficulty understanding the distinctions between being a[...]
CEO’s: Break Down Barriers to Honest Feedback
The father of modern quality, W. Edwards Deming was fond of saying "In God we trust, all others bring data". [...]
Attracting and Retaining Talent
Nowadays, organizations and even entire industries (e.g. healthcare, IT, high tech) are faced with human resource challenges that in many[...]
Are You Making These Nine Leadership Mistakes?
Harvard Business School asked nine academics and experts to give their opinions on what is the biggest mistake a leader makes. In this[...]
Are You Dreaming BIG?
“You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to[...]
Are You Confused Yet?
Most managers I know, when pressed, will admit to some level of confusion. Some are very confused. By confusion, I[...]
ACT Receives Highest Sales Honor
  Press Release Contact Information: Brian Ward Affinity Consulting and Training (780) 432-8182 brianward@affinitymc.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Local Business[...]