Creating a Learning Organization

If your team is not learning, they’re not growing…and as a consequence, your organization won’t grow. Sounds pretty simple and obvious. Yet how many organizations actually stunt their growth by not investing in learning and development? Worse still, how many organizations spend inordinate amounts of money and resources to attract talent, […]

The Teamwork Trap

Teamwork advocates will tell us that working as a team is the solution to all of our performance challenges. I’m not so sure. I think it depends on the situation or challenge. Back in the 1800’s, when settlers were moving westwards across North America, they hired scouts who would head out […]

Coach, Mentor or Sponsor?

As an executive leadership coach, I come across clients and coaches alike who have difficulty understanding the distinctions between being a coach, mentor or sponsor. It’s not surprising since these titles have evolved over time independent of each other and in a somewhat inconsistent manner. Following is my (ever evolving) description of the […]

You’re Not Broken…

Early in my career as a corporate trainer, I had a profound experience. On the morning of the first day of a workshop, I was going through the process of eliciting each participant’s expectations for the workshop. The wall was beginning to fill up with flipcharts listing what participants wanted to […]