Plan ‘B’ Better Be Good!

Are you caught in the trap of developing a strategic plan and then becoming too attached to it? If so, the following advice may help you regain perspective… Plan A, your preferred strategy, is like the first child in your family. Whether it is pampered or scolded, the emotional connection is […]

How to Manage Conflict

In order to manage any problem, you must first understand the causes, as working on the symptoms will only provide temporary relief. What then are the true causes of conflict in organizations, and more importantly, what can you do about them? In conflict situations, people often grind their teeth in frustration […]

How to Communicate Your Strategy

How can you successfully communicate your strategy? Video, text, images, in-person presentations…the appeal of these formats depends to a great extent on the recipient’s personal preferences, or persona. Think of it this way: Some people prefer to move fast Some people prefer to move slowly Some people prefer to base their […]

How To Be An Engaging Leader

While the search for the ‘secrets’ to effective leadership has been going on for decades, accomplished leaders will tell you that there are no secrets. There are however numerous examples of leaders who exhibit tremendous flexibility in their behavioral styles, and by doing so increase their capacity to influence others. It’s […]