You Can’t Lead by Using Big Data

It’s hardly a surprise for most managers that using data in problem solving and decision making is important. But one prominent advocate of using data, the late W. Edwards Deming, a statistician by profession, did not try to use data to make decisions. He used data as a starting point to develop what he termed “profound knowledge” that would reveal systemic causes of problems.

Dare To Make a Difference

“He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch” – French-Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard. Godard was referring to those individuals who decide to take the lead and transform something. He himself is a transformational leader who rejected the conventional way of film-making. But this post […]

Are You Making These Nine Leadership Mistakes?

Harvard Business School asked nine academics and experts to give their opinions on what is the biggest mistake a leader makes. In this seven minute YouTube video, each expert responds. I’m not sure I totally agree with everything they say, but it sure makes for interesting debate! What do you think? Whether you agree […]